Saturday, December 13, 2008

Yes, Lord, I am Listening....
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My time given to thought, is very early in the morning when most people would rather be in bed sleeping. There is something so soothing to me about the quiet of the darkness outside. My brain does not multi-task very well. With the slightest distraction my chain of thought is gone....not just for a minute but forever. to concentrate during the day are very few and far between and so my pattern has been to take a nap in the afternoon and try to outlast everyone else in the evening until" peace" and "solitude" come in with a pizza and the brain juices start to flow....
Last night things were just not flowing and that usually means I am just to tired to think. I was spending more time going backward than forward and I somehow hit the trashcan button and my whole blog went down the tubes. Twenty three entries just disappeared into cyberspace. On just an ordinary journal this would be bad but my blog is a following of and the Parkinson's Unity Walk and all patents in between, and this was horrible in BIG LETTERS. I tried for a couple of hours and could not get it back. At four thirty or so i gave up and headed for bed wanting so badly to get in the car and drive to Walmart and buy a cheesecake and eat the whole thing BUT I was fasting for blood work at seven.
The last thing I could do was contact a friend on the site and state my panic in a desperate attempt for consoling. He stated how sorry he was but had no idea what to do. Somehow that made me feel better and I left the house for a day in Effingham having blood work and MRI"S. At four I returned home and turned on the computer to find the option to pull up my old blog from the trash can...I just sat there and stared at the screen in disbelief...God had given me another chance and mentioned in the passing that a little more sleep was needed to work on something so important.
Now I will very carefully proof this writing and as i do the prayers will flow from my brain to heaven. Daily I read this small bible I bought on the way to NYC lat year for the Unity Walk. I just let it fall open and start to read....Today the message was from Romans 10:15. "...and how shall they preach, except that they be sent? How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of Peace, and bring Glad Tidings of Good Things! Thank you Lord. I am Listening! Good Night Pokie

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease