Monday, September 8, 2008

Barbara in Atlanta
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While in Atlanta for the Young Onset Parkinson's Convention, I met a little lady called Barbara. She had this radiating smile that caught your eye from across the room and pulled you to her side. She had a modest little table set up and was selling her book. It only has fifty three pages and is a tiny little thing by size, but by content it is so personal and touching. it speaks volumes to all I have given it to. Books are my very favorite gift to give. And usually I will give a book that I have used often and wrote in because my books are so personal to me that I feel I am truly giving a piece of my heart and this book means so much to me. STRUGGLES WITH LIFE: FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END WITH GOD Barbara Hogg

Barbara was selling her book but if someone could not pay or shied away she just gave it to them. She was only asking six dollars and was still giving it away....I got a book and had her sign it and as with every book that was given me in Atlanta, I read it and wrote about it and it's author when I got back. Well Barbara I have neither forgotten you or our last night together in the hospitality room when most all of the conference attendees had left for home and there were about eight of us having a round robin discussion on bloggs, writing , and Parkinson's and anything else that crossed our minds. All of a sudden Barbara says, "Pokie, this is what I do to relax at night." and she started to sing Amazing Grace and do a form of signing as she sang. It was so beautiful and you could see and feel Barbara's faith as she shut her eyes and drifted away along with her audience of eight who were totally captive to her every move.

In this room was a female ex Harley rider (or maybe she still rides) . Me, still finding out who I am. Karen Painter, the designer and maker of the beautiful tulip pen. Another whole story in itself, because I loved her heart.....I would often glance over at her and her eyes would be filled with tears at what was going on. A drug salesman from the Midwest, fascinating guy. A couple that I know very little about except she spoke with a very heavy accent , maybe Swedish and she painted tiny pictures of nature and the out of doors on little framed abolone shells. They were so fragile and delicate just like her yet they were so strong in their presentation. Her husband had Parkinson's and they sat quietly holding each others hand the whole evening. And last of all their was a young newspaper guy from Ft Lauderdale, Florida who didn't like bloggers. This odd group spent maybe six hours really hashing things out before declaring total exhaustion knowing we would probably never meet again......but this I will say:

If you get a chance to ever talk to any of these fascinating people please do.....they will make your day and enrich your life more than I can possibly tell you. Thanks guys for the experience and good luck , pokie

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barb said...

Pokie, I have been looking for you. Thank you for the wonderful review. I remember that last night. It was great to be with others.

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