Monday, April 20, 2009

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The last four days have been a world wind of events that would defy only the hardy. Wednesday I will leave with the Parkinson's Unity Quilt in hand for New York City for my second Unity Walk. It seems impossible that a year has passed. Parkinson's Disease and I have walked, stumbled and cried our way down many a road. I have traveled across the United states in all directions listening to the very newest treatments from the foremost clinics and doctors. I have been to some of the best clinics and hospitals that Parkinson's has to offer. A year ago I would have had trouble sending a chain letter to twelve friends because first I would not have known twelve people who could use the Internet and second I would not have known how to attach the chain letter. Now my address book goes on and on. Friday the quilt and I will venture to the TODAY show in hopes of being interviewed for Parkinson's. Saturday my team Pateintslikeme will be interviewed for the web cast. Our team is running in the top ten for donations. Then yesterday Dr. Geoff Rutledge contacted me from Wellsphere and invited me to guest blogger on his website Now really....a year ago I was a sixty two year old goat farmer in the middle of Illinois who was having trouble walking and hurt all over.

I can only say when God decides to change your life and take you on a ride, he does it first class. I have been in such severe pain yet have never had one day in three hundred and sixty five that I have not fought this disease with all I have mentally and physically. There is so much more to PD than the meds. The depression is constantly waiting to get a foothold and drag us down into a bottomless hole. The meds we have to take make us sick and interact with each other, leaving us fatigued and grouchy and feeling useless to ourselves and the outside world. We are not useless and we are not a someone in the corner of the nursing home left to sleep all day. Just as our quilt shows, we are vibrant outgoing people with a story to tell and a smile to send....and willing to hug if you'll come near...No two of us is alike as is our disease and the way it ravages us. A collection of odd shapes and sizes in every color that look by their selves, singled out, like a miss fit.....BUT PUT THEM TOGETHER and look at them shine....Unity just waiting for the world to take notice at how unique and special we are. more to come .... love pokie

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