Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Agenda

The PLM Unity Quilt came home today for the holidays and arrived just in time for my home nurse and PT lady to see it and and it looks like a new Symposium is wanted in the area. I had successfully pulled one off in May of first with no experience, so this one should go smoother and PD has come so far visually since then, especially in our rural area in Illinois. That has always been my plan to get us out and let the world see just how productive we are. So often the plan for a PD patient is to put them in a nursing home and give up....No need.....we can and will survive if given just a little help.

These are the things on my new agenda:
Love, love and more love.
Symposium next summer for Fayette County
Team Patientslikeme is up and taking new members and donations for the 2011 Unity Walk
Finish all the stories behind the Unity Quilt and let people feel and love her.
Go to Washington, DC in February for PAN
Work with the city for a better Chronic Disease Support Group
Unity Walk in April and praying for 30,000.00 in Team donations, which would be double last year.
Make these diseases visible and get them cured or at least let us have a much better Quality of Life than what they are offering now.

Sounds like a lot of work but I do not take being given a new chance to walk lightly and will continue to fight with all I Pokie

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HIO Golf Doctor said...

It sounds like you are doing a great service. Thank you. I work with PD and YOPD patients and am always looking for people such as yourself who are inspiring so I can give hope not only via treatment but resources such as your site. Thank you again.

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