Tuesday, December 11, 2012

True Love....

This past Sunday, I got up at 5:30 A.M.knowing that a very special day was about to be had with my Lord. I arrived at church at 8:00, only two hours before the service was scheduled to begin. I had had a terrible week and my depression was not controllable. These weeks are view and far between for me. But once I was in this pattern I could not get out....no matter what. I pulled up in front of our church armed with my Christmas tithe, canned food for the needy, box tops for the school kids and a heart totally full of questions. From the car, I all but ran to the front door and as I entered the door the smile came on my face. I could feel his hug and reassurance that all would be fine. I wandered toward the sanctuary trying desperately not to break into tears. The room was beautiful. Though the day was foggy and very overcast,the stain glass windows were absolutely radiant. They sent their beautiful colors into every corner. The tree was all aglow from floor to high rafters with white ornaments and millions of twinkling white lights. As I moved to the last pue, the choir began to sing and went completely through their Christmas Cantata with me as their audience. Minister Roger came in and sat behind me. I looked up to the huge wooden cross over the communion table and I felt the love and it was huge. One of the lines from a song was LET THEIR BE PEACE AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME. And may I add let it begin today. There was a calm in my soul and my heart no longer ached with pain. I felt extreme love and his plan for me was once again clear. I WAS RENEWED. My church is The First United Methodist Church of Vandalia, Illinois. Don't wait for an emergency to bring you to her doors.Get up your courage real soon and venture in to find out what true love is. love, Pokie


Anonymous said...

I have a seizure disorder pretty much u deer control. I have young onset PD andresently diagnosed with RA aa-n-d I Attend a Methodist Church.
I had no idea there was someone out the silimair .
I found your list while googling for the parkinson unity walk inNYC that happenes in two weeks.
I read several of your post and just felt I had to respond and say hi from Texas
I pray you are having a good weekend and an espically great sunday!

Katrina Allison said...

Hi pokie too ,
I waswas looking up something for the Parkinson unity walk in NYC that happens in 2 weeks and ran across your page.
You see I have a seizure disorder for the most part totally under control, was diagnosed with YOPD Nov 2009 confirmed Jan 2010 and as of march 2012 ha e been diagnosed with RA. I didnt know there was anyone else like me out there.
This made me read some of you blogs which led me to this one....and by gosh....I'm a Methodist too! More in common!
Now I have written out this responds for the third time so I hope this on is not lost like the other two were. Infact I was going to give up then I opened your full site on my phone to see you participate in the PUW. Another thing in common! I'm going g for my second time this year as a co captian on team Debina's Movers & Shakers. Deb for Debbie and INA for me Katrina. Debbie and I have a cool story. I'll spare you for now.
So I original wrote this to say hi from Texas.... I know wonder if we might become friends and meet real soon.
P.S. did I say I had to sign up for a blog to be able to send this heehee. I sure hope you get it.

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