Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Parkinson's is One Crazy Disease
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This Parkinson's Disease really keeps one on their toes if you have any hope of keeping up with it. Everyday is a whole new ball game but their are no time outs to regroup. Every inning is intense and suspense activated. If Joe Parker is the Pitcher, he's the best the coach can bring in. I pray for a slow ball and he pitches a curve. I pray just to hit the ball and maybe make it to first base. He pitches that curve, I strike and I'm out for that inning. Now if I am a good player, I square off my shoulders and walk proudly away and when my next time at bat comes up, I give him my evil face and hope it will scare him. I keep my Parkinson's eye on him and my good eye on God and swing with everything I have. I'm not quite a Albert P but somewhere in my brain I think I might be if given a chance and me and the ball connect. I cannot run but I head for first and they fumble the ball somewhere in left field. With my head down and one arm swinging, I am repeating, "I think I can. I thin k I can.".....Hell has no fury like a sixty two year old grandma on a mission and I make it. .......Huffing and puffing the whole way.

As the inning progresses, more of my teammates gain hits and move me around the bases and then up steps "Big Albert" to the plate. All eyes are on Albert and I can not think for the pounding in my ears. It's that old curve ball BUT Albert gones for it and connects and it's gone!.....Joe Parker watches as I stumble across home base with Albert in close pursuit yelling "Go Parkinson's....Go for the Cure" and we win in the ninth two to nothing......What a dream ....huh? love Pokie

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease