Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Mornings
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Is Saturday the lost Day? The Day you waited all week for and then Saturday evening realize you had just spent the day rushing around in a different way and it was gone for another week. Do you sit at the office on Wednesday and pray that God helps you make it to Saturday morning so you can sleep in, watch tv, or read a good book. Did you ever think about taking a walk or getting in the car and driving out to the park and just sitting and thinking? As I typed this I realized there are those in the inner city who cannot do this safely. These neighbors are always under lock and key of some sort or another. Sooner or later the spirit must fly. You must go to the top of the mountain and breath deeply. Go to the window and let the sunshine in... feel the wind on your face and feel life as it is. The life you have may not be perfect but it is there and within it's confines it has a lot to offer. We are coming to Spring in my part of the country and yet some of my friends are still getting snow everyday. What a blessing to open my window last night, just a little, and hear the frogs on the pond. If the time comes that I can not go to that pond, they will come to me in full voice. God allows me to dream of summer days when I walked the farm and tended my animals in peace and contentment. My garden was perfect and my yard was a park and I worked from dawn to dust and then some, but I never enjoyed the smells and the sounds of farming as much as I have when God allows me to dream of days gone by. My thought is on this lost day..... save it. See something you haven't taken time to notice. Hug someone you thought you might just put off till tomorrow. Open that window just a little while and take a deep breath and save it.......God's Day is coming tomorrow and he knows how to spend his Peace love Pokie

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