Wednesday, April 14, 2010

From April To April
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Most ordinary people gauge their year in twelve months starting with January and ending with December. No not this silly lady.... My year starts the day after I get home from NYC. Well that is not totally true. Usually I just almost collapse for a week and then revamp and start again. So lets say April 31sth I start planning for the third weekend in April of the next year when I can go back to NYC and a new Unity Walk and a new set of challenges. I really believe it is just those challenges that keep me going. Paying rent for this life I have been given the opportunity to live. I still wander around in wide eyed amazement at the people I meet and the conversations I am able to have. At times I amaze myself with what comes out of my mouth to total strangers and yet they seem to understand.

The funniest part of all this is my children. The first year they were so against me going. They fussed and cried and fussed some more. I went by myself and had, as God wanted, a wonderful time out of harms way. I do realie not everyone can do this....but I do. The second year my oldest daughter went along saying she had a job she needed to check on in the area. She may have had one but her main jo b was checking out my friends and my behavior. Now this year both my daughters are going and my son would have came also but has to work....Why are they coming? Mainly because they are suffering from a huge case of denial as to what all their mother is into. Darn those moms. You give them an inch and they take a yard. Well regardless I am determined to show them a good time in the BIG APPLE and on Saturday I hope my Team has a once in a life time experience that cannot be topped. Who said PD patients could show no emotion and needed to be isolated in a nursing home? I would really like to have a little talk with him.....and also Colon Cancer Alliance and Epilepsy Foundation look out. I'm starting on you Pokie

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Dan said...

Pokie, I was so glad to find your link! Thanks for looking me up when I came back into the blogger world. I appreciate it. I was sorry to see the additional diagnoses listed in your heading. I wish you the best.

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