Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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I checked in this morning, as I always do, and ..... look at what we have received in donations for Parkinson's Research this Year and it's January!  $154,453.00. You go PARKINSON'S UNITY WALK! One Hundred Percent of all donations go to research....Please, so much has been accomplished in the past year through your help and donations now is crucial to a cure.

This week will be be very important to our team TEAM PATIENTSLIKEME . Emails are ready to go out and letters are being written to ask for team members. I even had interest in my high school alumni newsletter yesterday and hope to will be running a series in our home town paper. PBS TV had a special on the human spark and how it made the difference in our lives.Why do some people faced with adversity go so far and those faced with no adversity do so less? As I watched this I just knew Parkinson's could be one of those sparks for some. For me it is a passion to use all the energy I have to reach that next person that can help Parkinson's. As patients we need personal contact....something that is immediately shut off from us if we have no caregiver.  Transportation stops and home bound begins....NO, NO, NO. We must band together as best we can, and attend these walks.  We must be seen to the World.  This is Parkinson's in All Ages, be it young or old. The whole concept of Parkinson's is assumed that we don't want to go, that we don't want to make new friends.The best way to bring a smile to a PD patients face is a smile and a hug, a walk in the sunshine...a good seat to watch life go by...well here I have wandered off againCheck this web site out and make a donation out to our team.  Even $5 is accepted http://www.unitywalk.org  love pokie

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PUW said...

Wooohooo!!!!! You are an awesome cheerleader for your team and for the Walk!!! Thanks for all you do Pokie!!!

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease