Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank God For Recliners
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I never thought the day would come that I would hear myself utter these words but here they are, "Thank you Lord for this recliner."  I have been trying to adjust to some new seizure meds and the shakes are terrible.  In retaliation I retreat to the recliner where you can find me hours later sound asleep.  I realize I would not sleep if I did not need it but this is just ridiculous. There is no way I can keep up with this pill pace. The Arthritis doctor has me taking four pills once a week,.two in the morning and two at night, now if I can only remember what day of the week I took them in the first place.  The Neurologist has me taking one large pill twice a day and these small pills starting at 25 mg and working up to 300 mg. at bedtime. which would be ten pills.... meanwhile I have four sinemet and three requip to take along with one Hyzaar and one lipitor.....Now Please This is Rediculous....I think if you are expected to figure out how to take this and eat too you should be admitted.  You surely are not expected to function in todays society. My 84 year old mom has been HELPING ME ....really. She cleaned the front sidewalk yesterday and then we ate lunch which I had made with the aid of my wheel chair....making extra so she can snack if I am sleeping when she gets hungry.
There are some funny things going on here. I get my sleep machine next Wednesday, and really must be needing it. I woke up awhile ago and my cat was laying on my chest with his arms around my neck staring at me. Scary event for me but must have been scary for him also.
Surly I will get all of this straightened out soon.  It seems like an insurmountable task just to stay alive when only four years ago I was taking nothing but Tylenol.. Those who function outside the cronic patients world have no idea some of the things one must go through.  Every medication, even potassium must be checked as it comes from the drug store. Why? The color now may be the same and the sizemay be the same but they may be time release instead of regular and the dose is changed; and the , doctor, drug store...did not get it straight. Then you take to much and your prescription runs out too fast and you get sick and the pharmacist says, "I don't know"  Meanwhile as you travel from new doctor to new doctor and the medications change, a drawer fills with medication that is never used in this day and time when people are going without because they cannot afford what their doctor prescribes.
As I ramble on through this and possibly make no sense at all, I realize I have the recliner to be thankful for and decide a glass of forbidden tea and a couple of cookies for comfort food will tide me over until the next pill time and maybe I will wake up in a better Pokie

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