Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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 I started the New Year off right today as I visited a new Neurologist in a nearby town. After almost four years with my past one, I had more than one regret today as I entered his new office.  With the new diagnosed Epilepsy, I could no longer travel to St.Louis and back in a days time from my part of the country. especially with me driving. He seems to be an excellent doctor and even let me know he was on the internet. I exchanged business cards with him and we were off.  He was telling me I had too many things  wrong with me and we were having to decide what to treat. There were also things he didn't treat and didn't want to waste his time on like, diabetic problems and arthritis.  So seizures and Parkinson's were next.  Of these two he said not everything could be grouped under Parkinson's and he had no idea why I had a seizure...he would treat it and hope it did not return ..ever. Now with the Parkinson's New meds were in order and quantities remained reduced. This will be the year I get this pill thing in order.  Thirty two pills a day is ridiculous for anyone, whether they have my diseases or not. If I can some how replace most twos with ones I will be so happy.
He gave me a new guide book featuring Holly Robinson Peete from the Hands Book.  Excellently put together with a tape included.  It covers the medications for Parkinson's Disease, causes and effects.  It is published by Teva and once again I think excellent short reading.
I think this Neuro is one of the best in the area and will do the best he can.  He did say he would not give me false hope.  It is aN incurable disease at the present and has been for a long time.  So the best I can do is fight with all I have an do it on as little sinemet as I can because I am looking at a long fight.  his is not the first time I have been referred to as a bAby with this disease. I can only pray for those who are getting diagnosed with this in their twenties. Those of us who are able to talk must fight this for those who can no longer talk.  Those who can walk must walk to places those who cannot will not be able to go.  And those of us who have a few extra dollars must spend them for this cause.  SAVE OUR GRANDCHILDREN PLEASE.....love pokie

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease