Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

October,2006...June,2010. 267-5011. Just figures or dates that mean nothing, not hardly. October 2006 was when I signed on to, knowing nothing about on line forums, expecially those that dealth with medical issues. 267 was the number of profiles of patients with Parkinson's Disease on the site, then, but only about 10-20 were posting on any given day and often much less. June,2010 is obviously now and 5011 is what we have grown to in such a short span of time. The threads have widened and often become complicated but this shows the true interest and love for this unique forum. We span not only the U.S. but foreign grounds and the mixing of all those diverse cultures took some time and still is taking some time to perfect. Unlike any other site I have visited,there is a since of community and famiy, where you feel you belong and others really care. Congraulations for the site you have produced, the code of ethics you continue to follow, and the storehouse of information you continue to furnish those who have trouble finding it on their own love Pokie

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