Friday, October 16, 2009

Devine Intervention
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I have had some interesting conversations lately and as I mull them over in what is left of my brain.  I thought I might pass my thoughts on to you. At the beginning of last week I had a seizure.  I have Parkinson's and was not really expecting to return to Epilepsy.  In 1996 I had two grand mal seizures and had no more.  this led me to belive I did not have Epilepsy but only Parkinson's.  Wrong.   I have sense learned that once you have Epilepsy, you always have Epilepsy.  I was preparing for my big day at the Health 2.0 Conference and had a phone call at 12:30 and went down. At 2:30 my much frightened mother was trying to wake me up. I ask her to hand me the phone and I dialed a phone number I did not know to get help.  Now in telling you I did not know this number you may be confused.  The number was to my daughter's work office and I only know her cell phone number. I got right through to the receptionist who hurriedly got my daughter and off she came to get me.  If you do not believe in a higher being, I am so sorry, because this was definitely divine intervention.  I have never used this number and do not know it now.  Thank you Lord. I now have two general practitioners and a neurologist among my many doctors.  These three are immediate and functioning and the give and take has been amazing.  My medications have been completely revamped.  I have had Sonagrams, Xrays, EEG's, EKG.s, blood work and stress tests and to this one of my doctors calls me his "medical encyclopidia."  One doctor just keeps saying, "Amazing" and the neurologist redid my whole life in a language I did not always understand but always answered, "Yes."
I am not sure where God is taking me this time but am totally amazed at his technic.  As I sit in my recliner and try to get some of my strength back, my mind knows better than to question too much but as is normal with some humans, I question every turn...... knowing there are no answers.
I decided tonight to go back to stories. Small treasures to be left behind for my grandkids.  Pictures of a past that no longer exists. Told as only my mind remembers it and saved for another day.  Those that read my ramblings often say that is my best shot and I hope you continue to Pokie

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