Friday, October 30, 2009

The Lady Hits the Road
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Almost a year ago today I posted on the question,"Would you guys like to make a quilt?" and the answers started rolling in. I bought  material and cut three 26 inch squares for each person who answered. This was a sizable leap of faith for each person answering because they had to give me their address and sometimes their phone numbers. As the year moved on the trust and feeling of community progressed on to regular correspondence between us. She was ready in time for the walk only due to the quilting done and donated by Barb Marfell, a cancer survivor in a nearby town.  As our friendship grew, I found out her brother in law and father in law had had Parkinson's and are no longer with us. With this I began to feel the personality build in the quilt.
I ask each person to write a small story about what "She" meant to them when hey were done and in April off she and I went to Central Park and our PLM team of 37 walkers.  We raised almost $20,000.00 for Parkinson's Research and most of us had never met each other. Our plan was to aution her off later for research.  Little did I know how attached we would become to her and what a sick road I wass ready to set out on.
I came home on a Sunday and the following Saturday had a symposium for the town and since then have gotten sicker and sicker until the 7th when I finally had a seizure and was diagnosed with not only Parkinson's but Arthritis and Epilepsy.
Today I sent her on her way.  Unprotected.  I would have never dreamed I would become so attached to anything made by strangers.  But, as she travels around they will feel her spirit also and contribute to an ever widening cause and her job will be Pokie

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