Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh well......
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This has been an interesting week for me and Parkinson's.  How could someone be happy with a power chair? How could someone be happy with realizing that from 2006 to now my walking and general demeanor has changed that much? But regardless I will need a power chair soon and I need it now if I intend on going far, yet so few can get one and I was lucky enough to come across a doctor who believed in my attitude and knew I would continue to try with or without the chair. I also missed a doctor appointment today and this really upset me. I had the right date written down in my address book BUT believed all day it was Wednesday and had to reschedule when an hour after I was suppose to be their my son called and convinced me it was actually Thursday and not Wednesday.. About this I really don't know what to say. It was my fault but I had tried so hard to keep the appointment straight and get everything together for it yet I had the wrong day and I did not show up.I guess my brain was miss firing all week, because I have been a day off since Monday.  I think I will blame it on the snow and the fear of more snow. Maybe being snow bound with someone who does not know what day it is either...that doesn't sound good does it?  Maybe I just will not  blame it on anything and except it as what goes on and not worry about it. I look at my new "red" chair and I smile and I'm proud. I didn't wait, I pushed on.  My doctor cared enough to work on something for me I had no idea he was working on because he knew he was leaving and I would need this more and more and my pride was stopping me from asking.  Well it sure is pretty and has found a good home....I hope for a long time. 

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Ashley Pryor said...

Hello there! Wow, you have a lot of neat stuff on your page. Keep your head held high. Even those without Parkinson's forget what day it is. Can't wait to see your new "Cadillac" power chair!!! A-man will be intrigued. Love, Ashley

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