Thursday, February 4, 2010

Setting Myself Up....
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I received a compliment this morning on my blog along with a suggestion for improvement and a thought flashed through my head.  As usual there is not much in there to stop it so here it comes.  How about if you want to see something here, and you can explain to me how to get it here, you leave me a comment and I'll try to get you what you want. I am not satisfied with the colors  and feel very cramped by the style BUT I know so little about the internet and am afraid I will loose my set up and not be published.  I have done this before.
  I would love to tie COFFEE WITH POKIE and TODAY WITH POKIE together so my readers don't have to travel with their cup of coffee but I have so much material and it just is never in the same catagory...COFFEE just always comes out a little on the funny side while it's twin TODAY usuallly is much more serious. The truth is I play with Coffee and am much more protective of Today but as I said if you would like to see me try something please leave me a note and I'll try it...from links to tabs to content to pictures.   I just have so much I usually want to say and so little Pokie

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