Friday, February 26, 2010

Please Don't Loose Face to Face........
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A friend directed an article my way today by way of the internet. which now that I think of it would not have happened to me five years ago. My original thought was based on an article in Newsweek by Clifford Stoll.  If I understood him correctly, we are fast excluding the personal touch in life..Internet and webcasting is allowing us to sit at home and watch someone else do our thinking and socializing while we sit in our pj's with a cup of coffee and pick up every third word that is being said..

My expertise in this field is limited but when I hit the road for Parkinson's in 2008, no one knew me and I knew no one. I had just started blogging and walked into the Atlanta YOPN Conference and they were showing THIS blog on the huge screen at the front. To say my mouth dropped open is an understatement...BUT the personal social networking I did and the memories I have of each person's face I met in that convention has stuck with me for the following years with the upmost clarity. Yet let me read an article on the internet and I have to copy it and read it two or three times. I traveled that year from Atlanta to Denver, Denver to California, California to Washington, D.C. and did I mention did the Unity Walk in NYC. I also made Columbus, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio and Inndianpolis, Indiana.....and gave a symposium all in one year. At each spot I met more and more people with Parkinson's and  learned more and more information but all face to face and then what happen?  The economy went south and people went to webcams to save money. And then they wonder why the ideas and money quit flowing. The meetings were nice but the real meetings took place in the lobbies of the hotels where we sat for hours and exchanged pictures and ideas on how to sell our product..GETTING SOMEONE TO HELP US FIND A CURE FOR PARKINSON'S. After May I became very ill and eventurally had a seizure in October.  Needless to say my traveling has been greatly limited but my belief in personal contact has not changed . The internet has been my aid as has the phone service. If I believe in a plan I will find some way to get to you or anyone else. There is a need for access to knowledge and easily.  Not everyone is a computer geek.  Though I wish I were my lack of brain cells somehow always leads me in the wrong direction. There have been times when I cannot even figure out how to get into a site. Which leads me to the next question:
Computers and learning pads in schools..When my sixteen year old granddaughter starts college and progresses to her junior year, everything she learned in her freshman year will already be adiquated. We better stay on top of this..Has anyone checked out the new invention the "sixth sense"?  It's way to technical for me to explain here just look it up...I am going to need that in ten years when my other five senses have long stopped working. At the present both my nine year old grandkids can work circles around me on my blackberry and computor and I'm proud they can. One of my grandsons has some trouble with concentration  in school but would do good with a learning pad. Don't do away with the personal touch increase it. That teacher should be just as good as that student or not be there.  AND all students or patients do not fit into a mold..No child should be told they will never make it to third grade when they are in kindergarten and no patient should be called a Neurological Mess on their second visit.

I have drug this on too long and strayed way off the subject and I see the possibility for straying further, so I will close this for another day and say this....Affection can be felt through words on the internet and sometimes that is all that is needed a kind Pokie

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