Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Where do YOU go when your looking for peace? You do know some never find that certain spot. Some say it is found in prayer and meditation. These are calming and eventually bring me peace.  If I do not have my hour of prayer every morning my day just never gets started.  It's worth it to get up early just to fit it in but in this lies another possibility.  Sunrise....especially winter sunrises with red and orange lighting up the East sky in only a way God could master.  To me, this means so many things.  For one, I have made it through another night of migrating from couch to recliner to internet and back to couch.  By the time 6:00AM rolls around I am exhausted but need to take my meds so I sit down at the table and stare out the window and then, "There comes the sun" In every down there is an up and every once in a while you just need to weed out the possibilities and start over.. In the past weeks I have had to view my life from so many angles. I've had to think about things I was traveling to fast to notice. My meds are all being redone and in that so are my doctors. This always brings confusion in a big way to me. Confusion and lack of peace are two things Parkinson's is always trying to rob me of but as some one told my daughter, "Your mom, she's a tough old broad." and I think they were right. Being tough has come in handy over the years. I'm not one for questions but I'm always doing....something. My peace is not found in a quiet mind.  I do not know what that is.  When I'm sleeping I have Rems Disorder and dream fantastic dreams. I wake up and cannot wait to read and write. The only true peace I find is sitting staring at nature or my latest grandson.  Now I find these may also be absence seizures. and with Ayden I am just mesmerized. I worry about those who never find peace and always find fault.What could I do to help you find my peace. Would it feel as good to you? Tomorrow when the sun comes up and I am having my morning coffee my prayer will be for YOU AND ME. I'll pray that we both find peace in our own worlds before it's too Pokie


Anonymous said...

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pokie too said...

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease