Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Look at Our Finished Project

Look at this finished quilt all ready to be shipped to Glasgow, Scotland for it's debut to the World at the Parkinson's Global Congress in the fall.This is the combined effort of 16 Parkinson's patients and Parkinson's friends in different stages of the disease but ready to show their abilities to shine. The Parkinson's disease Foundation has been working diligently since last October to put together a huge display for the Congress called the PDF Quilt Project and these panels were made by only patients and friends who post on Patientslikeme.com. From Kenya to Chili, from East coast , West Coast and Texas and the Midwest, the panels came in. They were made with love and heart felt happiness to be participating in something so important to Parkinson's Awareness. As each panel arrived at my house in Illinois over the months, before I sent them jointly in for quilting, you could feel the personalities and warmth. Like a bunch of kids, each was different and unique. some needed mending, and some were not square, some needed backing to make them stronger. some drew a picture and some told a story and some just begged you to touch and get to know them.

By the time the day came to call FedEx and package all sixteen 2 foot x 2 foot panels for shipping, I handled each one it seemed a hundred times and I could barely let them go. But that evening as I sat and stared at them one last time.....something inside me just was bursting with pride. The same pride a mother feels when she sees her children walk down the isle to receive their diploma to graduate. I just stood up in the middle of my living room, with no one around, and said quietly to myself, "Yes, we are being heard, finally." Bless you
Parkinson's DiseaseFoundation for giving us this opportunity and bless you, the makers of these panels for your time and effort while battling this awful disease and last but not least thank and bless you Patientslikeme.com for giving us a home to flourish from........As always Pokie

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease