Monday, March 7, 2011

Fly, Walk, Run?

January 15......My Oh, My doesn't time fly when your having fun? I had no idea that I would stop writing when I had my hip replaced. It seems I have become very "Un- multitasking" The days seems to fly by way to fast. Maybe is the fact that I will be 64 on the fourteenth, but I doubt it. Really, I have not gotten around so well in many years and after loosing over fifty pounds, I believe I am looking better. I haven't conquered all my demons yet but am certainly trying hard. I made it to the high alter for communion this last Sunday. That is the first time in ten years at least. I was in a wheel chair eight months ago and could not even think of kneeling. As I progress along in this journey, questions get answered only to have others pop up. I could not have reached the success I have without my very close friends and most of all God. So often I think "Can't" and he tells me "Come on" instead. Pain comes and goes but I am so much better and have went from 42 pills a day to 5 and they are all vitamins of one sort or another.

I exercise whether I think I can or not. If I don't exercise one day I cannot move the next day......especially walking. I have even ran (Very awkwardly) for several feet last weekend. Most people who cannot walk dream of flying and I use to but now dream of running. I don't dream of marathons but I figure this is God's new goal for me. The hardest part is the pain in my shoulders and upper body...I have lost my strength in my left arm in particular and have do do lots of pull-ups just to stay mobile and they hurt, big time. BUT, my closest friend keeps reminding me that without pain I will have no gains.

My problem with everything else at the minute is.......admitting I am sick. Sound silly? I have been sick so long I just cannot bring myself to think of going back there and so I say little and try to understand my feelings. I have had some set backs and bouts with depression but all in all I am so much better. Surely as time goes on I will get it all straightened out and things will go back to normal........maybe not! God definitely has me on a new mission in life and I have never let him down yet. At 64 is no time to start.

I will write more as things continue to ya Pokie

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease