Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tiptoe lightly

There are several areas I have on my mind today. I only ask that you stay with me as I wander through my thoughts....I am not really lost just have a lot to cover.
First I have discovered this very interesting web site http://www.caregivervillage.com/social media. It cost to enroll but they will donate one dollar to the charity of your choice and the site is full of games, emotions and very creative thoughts for the emotions we all deal with on a daily bases....There are different areas within the site ...Cancer, care giving and so on....games, stories and mysteries and good information.
Next on my agenda is my granddaughter, Katie.. Several days ago she sent me this letter.I don't know where she got it or if she found it and added to it, but it touched me more than she may know.
"Yes I'm a girl, I PUSH doors that clearly say PULL, I laugh harder when I try to explain why I'm laughing. I walk into a room and forget why I am there. I count on my fingers in Math. I hide pain from my love one's. I say it is a long story when it really is not. I cry a lot more than you think. I care about people who don't care about me. A broken nail is painful. I try to do things before the microwave beeps. I listen to you even when you don't listen to me......and a hug will always help.......I'M A GIRL! and all that from a ten year old girl I am very proud of........
Next is the lead article in the Southwest Parkinson News..."CHANGING YOUR BRAIN" This works, I have tried it and it works. When our brains shut down a pathway, open a new pathway by repetitive action or exercise. I bounce a small ball, daily, from one hand to the other. My brain has forgotten how to play like this and just as soon, it will forget how to grip something and it will fall. I sit for a certain time each day just playing ball with myself and my coordination is improving. You will also see your walking and balance improve if you tell yourself to improve your posture and "stop those Baby steps." Try it and see.....I challenge you....." Use exercise as a psychological tool to help protect, repair and optimize brain function." BUT only you can do this for yourself...good luck!
The fourth thing is an article in APDA News letter St.Louis Chapter on "Medications to Avoid or Use With Caution" I was shocked that somethings appeared on there. One of the major standouts for me was hydrocordone since I have had two knees and a hip replaced and another is Xanex for sleeping.....he article was eye opening to say the least. It was authored by Joanna Hartlein, APRN, Family Nurse Practitioner.
Well all of this should keep you busy in your waking hours be they today or tonight......God bless and keep on going.......please.......... love ya, Pokie

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease