Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Special Idea Today

Last week I spent almost an hour getting an MRI. The first one in a long time and this one was on my infamous left arm....the first location of my PD symptoms. and of late the location of extreme unstoppable pain. Nothing would help. Pain meds didn't phase it and Arthritis meds did not touch it either. I started ultrasound a week ago and had two sessions before my MRI. Last night my Ruematologist called me at home....PERSONALLY...I knew I was in trouble. It seems all physical therapy is to stop and surgery is scheduled as soon as St.Louis can get me in. My left shoulder is disintegrating and rapidly. I see my GP on Thursday and Orthopedic Doctor Friday. The real thing that bothers me is that pain has started in the other shoulder too and two shoulder surgeries excites me about as much as two hip surgeries. NOT AT ALL! I really have no choice though if I am to take care of myself.
God and I talked about this most of last night. I really have no fear of going into the hospital, it is coming out and to what. Ordinary people don't like sick people. They like happy, healthy people...not "downers." I have always shrived to be up and smiling. God has always helped me as he will now. As I heard last night.....my mission is coming....I have to get ready. This is on no medication. Can you imagine what I could come with on some good medication?

Now some more happenings......Monday I spoke to a caregivers support group in Effingham, Illinois. I had a full house, and had a great time. We ran into overtime and the love was really flowing. It was through Heartland Human Services. I had no notes. I just spoke from my heart to alot of people that just needed "SOME LOVING" up close and personal. I took the quilt and she still has all her charm. They OOHHHHHed and AHHHHed her and everyone touched her and felt her heart. That was my first speaking engagement and it was easy. But figure how odd this is for me to be ininvited there and come home to a phone call as to what was next.....My Lord works in mysterious ways, but he is the best friend I will ever have......

Last but not least, I have been visiting with Mattie Stepanek through his poetry, even though Mattie died some years ago to a rare form of MD. Mattie never made it to his teens but experienced life with an awesome outlook and eye. This is one of Mattie's poems....


I think I will be a tree.
Or perhaps,
A leaf on the branch on a the tree.
I will feel
The gentle breeze.
And then I will filp off of my branch on my tree
And float on the wind.
I will go
Back and forth in the breeze
All the way down to the ground
And after I rest and say "Hello"
To the grass and dirt and bugs,
I will call to the wind.
'Come and take me
to visit my other leaf friends
On all the other tree, please'

And the gentle breeze
will come
and pick me up
So that I can jump and dance
With all the other tree stars and tree-flowers
That God gave the world.
What a special idea
To be, today.

From "Heartsongs" by Matthew Joseph Thaddeus Stepanek

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease