Thursday, September 25, 2008

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"The future is where we will spend the rest of our lives, and it is our choice whether we look forward with confidence and courage or walk blindfolded toward some imaginary doom." I read this and I knew this was something that was going to shape my day. With all the things that are going on around me at this very instant I really do not have time to be down or feel self pity. Things are falling apart faster than I can do maintenance on them. Propane was once, not to long ago, 79 cents a gallon and now it's $2.29. Of course that is if your lucky. All the while knowing you must multiple that times 500 because you have a 500 gallon tank and winter is coming in very rapidly. You downsize and stockpile and regroup the picture is just a little scary. And then all of a sudden you hear this voice in your head saying," just go ahead and do it." 'Do what?' you say. And the voice gives you some off the wall answer. At first you dismiss it but all the while you know you will finally face the fact that another adventure has been planned for you. With this disease, I would like to just curl up in bed and stay there. This would be totally out of character for me and I am sure no one would let me get by with it, but it doesn't keep me from wanting to just pull those covers up over my head and sleep right through every responsibility I have.......for a day or maybe a week. Instead I spring out of bed and get my suit case and off I go. To points unknown.

My future was laid out today in no uncertain terms. I had a meeting with a Orthopedic Surgeon who told me I did not have rotor cup problems but did have extreme arthritis in both shoulders and particularly in my left shoulder. It seems the only thing going for that is take the pain as long as you can and when that no longer works have the shoulder replaced. I already have two new knees and could use two new hips. If I get two new shoulders, I should be good until I'm one hundred and twenty with a a twenty year warranty on each set.......I'll never make it!

This evening I attended a town hall meeting at the hospital on "What is Wrong with our Healthcare?" It seems President Elect Obama would like our input and I pray he does because it could sure use some fixing. Today 25 people in a very small midwest town talked for the first time on the problems and what could be done to fix it if the government wanted to. The big thing that kept coming up was insurance and the monopoly they run and how badly it is hurting the American people. I took notes and did a lot of talking and in the next months i will be writing volumes on this because March i am going to Congress to lobby for pokie

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease