Thursday, January 1, 2009

JANUARY 1, 2009..... "ONE ON ONE"
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I do not see how anything can possibly beat last year but it must. I can not believe the happenings of even the last six months but they have happened and with every new day my life changes. I have to ask. Was I like Rip Van Winkle? Did I just sleep through the first sixty years of my life only to be rudely awakened at sixty plus to a world spinning around a hobbled intruder. I barely allow time to sleep because there are things to learn and places to go before the alarm clock goes off....leaving me on the other side of a beautiful dream. I am assuming if you survived sixty years of such stimulation you would be burnt out. Daily someone warns me slow up you will indeed burn out, yet the passion burns on. The places I want to go this year are already on the calendar and the stories I want to tell dance in and out of an already crowded living space called my brain. The things I use to do to occupy my time , now seem so mundane and pointless and the new interests keep calling me to come out and play. I am like a cat on the prowl. If there is a door slightly ajar, I must peak in. If I have a question I must find an answer. The word multitask has taken on a whole new life that has chosen not to include my past life style. There are appointments and meetings with people I would have never met, talking freely about a disease or a band of many diseases that seem to be showing up everywhere with no mercy on their victims. I am reminded today that only seven months ago it started with the statement I made to myself at three AM while on the Internet. "I can do this" Though I had never done it, nor was I suppose to, I knew I would try no matter what. My shroud is my faith and it buffers me from harm, it seems. Though I have my bad days as we all do, it seems a correction is made and I'm off again. The exaltation I feel is hard to explain. Now, in January, it is so hard to not travel to somewhere, after months of being on the road. The plans made last year will make for a very interesting 2009 and who would have thought that I would be making a difference. The point has been proven and that point is. ONE ON ONE WORKS. One patient helping one patient yields two patients feeling better and it just keeps multiplying until we find that covered up space where the cure lurks. I sit here looking at a picture that was taken of me boarding the plane at St.Louis Airport last April, going to New York City. I blew it up page size so I could look me very much in the eye. I can see the different person even then though I had no idea of the magnitude of things I would do on my own. Maybe that was just what God wanted the world to see. Me, a granny in her sixties, not owning stylist cloths, walking with a cane, blundering through from one place to another. I am subjected to all kinds in this but once again my faith pulls me through. I am a novice and very believing, but you have to be to do this. Money does run short but I always get through, If I am used in one place I'm needed in another and the faint at heart fall by the wayside. Seldom do I write just about me. It seems like such an "I" thing and very self centered, but here on January 1, 2009 my resolution is to physically attack each day as if it were my last and make a difference. I will make that extra phone call that will bring a needed idea to some place who has no ideas left. I will hug someone who has not had a hug in a long time. I will lend a shoulder to someone who needs to cry and I will listen.

Life is good and we as a country have a fresh start. Let's band together to make this land and world a better place for all that follow us. God gave us life. Let's make him proud. Live each day to the most and though they say never look back, sometimes the view is awesome over your pokie

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