Monday, June 15, 2009

Always Trying to Catch Up
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I've been away for awhile but never a day went by without thoughts of something I needed to write. I keep a notebook by my bed and often just jot down a thought or line to a poem and roll over and go back to sleep. By morning the thought would have disappeared into the sunrise and even with that note I sometimes have lost the thought all together. My Parkinson's disease has decided to make it's self known to me and the world and for the last two weeks I have traveled from doctor to doctor trying to get half way fixed or medicated. We will see this week what will happen and where this is leading. But never fear there is no end to my fighting PD with all I have and none of this would be possible without my friends from home away from home.

Now let me tell you what our beautiful guilt is doing.....she is resting while everyone who did a square is sending in a story about their square. I have received many stories and they will amaze you someday. The love sewn into each square just gives it life. I received pictures yesterday from the 2009 Parkinson's Unity Walk of our team Team PLM which netted $13,694.85 in donations this year....every penny of which goes to research. She has also been entered in this years Parkinson's Disease Foundation Creativity Contest. When she starts traveling again, she will really travel for the world to see just how productive PD patients really are. Yes she is indeed Beautiful. love pokie

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