Tuesday, September 8, 2009

These are the Days.......

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I have always been an artist in my soul. I always saw the beauty in the smallest things and loved not only sunlight but moonlight, fall and summer. The coldest days and the deepest snow were an amazement to me. I could watch that snow falling at night, glistening like diamonds and almost be in a trance. I once watched an eclipse with all my friends on PLM as it traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast and we posted on the forum all night like kids at play. I've walked in the rain and made snow angels in the snow and now God has chosen me to be blessed with renewed friendships from forty five years ago. Out of nowhere friends have been contacting me from my early years. Next door neighbors, girlfriends from high school and many more people I never expected to ever see or hear from again. God has given me another chance to make it ALL right and let them know how important they always were to me. They will never be taken for granted again. In the past week I have made friends with people I never expected to meet and was given the chance to stand up for my passions and speak my piece. It seems I was taken to the bottom of the bucket in the last six months so I could appreciate now even more.

My favorite poet Helen Lowrie Marshall once wrote in "These Are The Days"......
These are the days.....these autumn days.
When memories haunt us most;
When our Yesterday's Self goes wandering
Like a restless little ghost
Down long forgotten pathways
Of things that use to be,
Vainly trying to fasten leaves
Back on a blaze blown tree.

But oh, these two are golden days,
With beauty unsurpassed...
Days when our life brings forth its yield
Of riches from the past;
Days when the golden wealth of joys
And tears that we have sown
Has reached its ripe fruition....
To strength and beauty sewn.

These are the days...the harvest days
When life is rich and whole...
The spirits golden bounty days
Fulfillment of the soul.

There is one thing I must say............I learned of a dear friends change of plans in life and I pray it's for the better. If I never see her again I would like for her to know she will be greatly missed but her smile and huge heart will never be forgotten and I wish her all the success and happiness that life can bring her because she is one of a kind "Missy I will always love you like my own".....Pokie

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