Sunday, February 7, 2010

There is No Greater Love
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I have spent the night thinking of the people of this world battleing much more pain and hardship than me and on this my Lord's day of rest I wish to say, "Thank you, Lord for the Francesco Clarks and Jamie Heywoods of the world who lead us humble fighters on to higher ground. When faced with pain and inablity to walk it is so easy to turn to the couch and turn on the TV and zone out for another day. How many days do we have left to waste in that fashion?. There are mothers with babies going steadily down hill and no one will help them.  There are people in pain and no one lending a hand.. How could we have let His world have gotten to this state? No matter our adversity and no matter our amount of strength left we must push forward NOW. One person can make a difference.  One person can be heard.  Out of a crowd, one person yelling Help will be noticed. Beuracracies have been allowed to flourish in this country and not for the good of the people. Medicine for the people has now become that persons personal concern.  No longer can you put your trust in the government to protect you at all cost.  Where did we get lost in the shuffle? How do they expect someone on very limited income, in extreme pain, with no family backup to battle something as big as the FDA.
We can only pray at this point in time that by holding hands and banding together, we help families like the Hempel's , who are forced to experiment with medicine for their twin daughters with a rare disease. This is America.  This should not be happening. The love that flows from that mother to her daughters should also flow from our government to us.  Instead it is the DOLLAR . Please on this day of rest I ask you this thought to ponder, When all thoughts go to the Super Bowl remember those with disabilities, remember us that are so poor.  If you have only an encouraging word to give on Monday, GIVE IT. If you have an extra dollar contribute it.  If someone is close and they need a hug, give it to them....send them a song light their way to higher ground.
I hope this is not just a grandmothers ramblings on a cold Sunday morning in Illinois. My concerns are legitimate. There are those who know how to help those who do not and my belief is God will connect us in do time. I am very sure the World is in much worse shape than anyone will say. It's time to resort back to what you can remember of ancestors past. How did they survive? Something in the back of my head just keeps saying . "There is no greater love"......than a brother for his brother, a mother for her daughters, a friend for a friend....ONE ON Pokie 

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