Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh Lord, Please Help......

Where do I start today? You see I happen to have a disease which is constantly fighting you and you can either fight back or give up and curl up on the couch. Don't get me wrong because I have couch days and sometimes two couch days in a row but then the stiffness sets in and I realize I NEED FRESH AIR. I am not sure fresh air would do it today. After hearing the news of the school shooting in Conn., I am physically sick. I have always attacked this disease and the other ones I have with a child's outlook. That outlook means you must not overlook the child within you and speak your piece. Everyone may not agree with me and I may not always be right, but I tried. Now I can honestly say I'm scared. What do I tell that grandson who is smart enough to notice the foam on the ocean and believe God put soap in there so we could stay clean?, How can his imagination grow if he is afraid? Oh please,Lord.....HELP US....I try so hard to remain upbeat and always spread a smile instead of a tear. This must stop. There is no time for innocence. These pre-teens know more than I wanted to know at twenty. I'm sorry but life is wrong if a child cannot be a child in safety. Love always, Pokie

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