Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Those who know me well for years have watched a single shinny penny appear from nowhere during times in my life when I was under extreme stress. No it is not a drug thing, These pennies just show up where pennies would not be found. Sometimes  there is a short conversation between me and my Lord or sometimes I feel Him chuckle and smile. My belief is that all this is to keep me sending me in the directions he wishes me to go. This all started, as I remember  in 1991 when I survived a grand mal seizure and woke up to my Neurologist telling my three children he was treating two women in critical condition and only one would survive. A week later, as they were preparing me for discharge, a shower was in order. They striped me down and left me alone in the shower and as I set on the bench, I glanced between my feet and there was a very shinny  1987 penny. I picked it up and clutched it tightly in my fist  until my daughter could get there to take it, She had a gold band put on it and mounted it on a gold necklace which  I wore until on day it came up missing. I ventured on with my life finding pennies in very odd places for years. I always looked to the heavens and and thanked God for his blessing and then when I retired in 2005,I moved to the farm to take care of my parents and found the penny on the top shelf of a book case.
I cannot tell you how many times I was in the process of making an important decision and would have went in the wrong direction but looked down and there was a penny.....A shinny penny never a new mint. A penny that should have been dirty from wear.
Well I haven't found too many pennies lately though really bad things have been happening to me and depression has been my constant companion. But today I woke up early and there on the carpet, in the middle of the room was A SHINNY PENNY. OK yes there are some ways it could have gotten there BUT. The last thing I did before I went to bed was vacuum that rug......Thank you Lord and Happy New Year to me and You.....Love Pokie

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