Monday, October 20, 2008

My California Journal
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The above pictures are the view from my hotel room in Boulder, Colorado and the view from my brothers deck outside Loveland, Colorado. Oh those beautiful Colorado Rockies....

October 3, 2008 continued...

I politely paid cash for my room and went off just chattering away to my bell boy about grandmothers traveling by themselves and just how confused could they get...Let me tell you we were about to find out. Because I pad cash, I was in a glitch on the computer which threw out my phone service. As the day went on I could not call out and no one could get in touch with me. By five PM I was beside myself just setting at the desk praying someone would figure out where I was.

Then the most wonderful thing happened. There was a knock at the door and i was saved. Marian had found me and the bell hop was there to put her phone calls through. My head was splitting and my eyes were burning and i looked ugly in the mirror. I should take more time to look in the mirror but then probably would never look again. Where and when did the beauty of youth run away and hide....never to be seen again. So???

Ok, that's a little better. I fixed my hair and washed my face and reassessed the fact that I surely must have had a stroke sometime along the way and no one caught it or maybe this is a wilder disease than I already know I have, who knows anymore? By now it is 1AM Friday morning and as I set here looking out a the Colorado Rockies and the airport lights in the distance, I am once again reminded that my time is very limited, my experiences are many, and the pains I carry in my heart are very large. I can only say I have loved deeply and been hurt just as deeply and all is just fine now and for ever.

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Joanie Butler said...

I just have one question. . ."Does your brother have an extra bedroom and would he consider renting it out for me to come and sit on his deck for awhile?"

What an absolutely inspiring view! God certainly knows how to paint a picture.

I am so happy that you had the opportunity to make this trip and know that Karen and Marion felt the blessing of your presence as well.

Be well and take care of yourself.

Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease