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My Californina Journal
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October 3, 2008

At one AM I climbed into old Betsy, my much too banged up and abused Bonneville and headed for St. Louis Airport and my flight for Denver. By 3 AM I was driving around trying to figure out where to park. The Boeing Parking lot came up twice before I figured out how to get back on the main highway and get to extended parking. Once there and parked, the shuttle headed me for the terminal and Southwest Boarding. In an effort to be early, I was really plane left at 7:30. Well that's me always trying to think ahead and being way too ahead. the baggage check didn't even open until 4:30 AM and so here I sat trying to look cool and collected when I was anything but with security cruising back and forth and the loud speaker continually saying report all suspicious or nervous persons immediately. I called my daughter at 6:30 to let her know I had cleared security and was promptly bumped into which caused me to drop my cell phone which caused me to drop my cell phone which fragmented into four rather unsightly pieces never to utter a word again. Ahha but they have phone cards and I thought I was fixed....WRONG!!!

When 7:30 roiled around I was more than ready to board the plane and get the best seat next to the window I could find. I was not prepared for what God was about to unfold in front of me. For the next two or more hours i was totally mesmerized by the view. There was not a cloud in the sky and every color and square of earth flowed perfectly into the next shape and hue. How could I have ever thought of making a quilt when perfection was lying before me? I could not had a more beautiful flight and beginning to a trip to a new life and the awakening o f a new soul.........

This is the day the stock market was in free fall and the buy out bill had not been signed and I was on the road..............., not knowing what confusion this would cause for me at every turn. the devil himself could not have laid a better plan to try and stop me. My first stop upon getting to Denver was to take a shuttle to get a car....WRONG!!! There must have been fifteen people lined up at the counter yelling they had to be here and they had to be there and how dare they deny them a car. What $250 would have got before now took a straight $500 and no if's and's or but's about it. Which sent me straight back to the terminal and headed for my hotel for plan #2. I board the shuttle and am set off at my hotel....WRONG...Wrong hotel , my hotel was in Boulder, Colorado instead of Denver , Colorado. I had to prove my confirmation for stay and they paid for me a taxi cab to the right hotel so at 1:19 PM I was assigned room 911 at the Westminster Hotel in Boulder, Colorado.....that's right room 911

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