Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parkinson's Clinic of the Ozarks
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A little while back I got in touch with the Parkinson's Clinic of the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri wanting to check out their facilities and get a full evaluation of my Parkinson's Disease. Immediately I knew I had made the right choice. They were ever so helpful over the phone and were in constant contact with me or my physicans until November 11, 2008 when I arrived at their front door. Every detail of my journey was made easy and I really appreciate their attention to me and my problems. They have a really nice hotel on the site where you can stay for close to nothing and a Ronald MacDonald House next door. Each building is a separate bracket of medicine...Parkinson's, Physical Therapy, Bone and Joint, Heart and and so on. I checked in at 7:15 and had their constant attention until around 5:00.
I had speech evaluation, occupational evaluation, movement disorder and evaluation, medication evaluation, past medical records gone through. Thn after lunch we went through psycological and cognitive evaluation and then came the biggy round table discussion with every one there that had evaluated me and the doctors. I ;earned so many things and believed i really made some friends. The Clinic falls under these names Ferrell-Duncan Clinic, National Parkinson Foundation. Cox Health. Thank you so much Medical Team it was a memorable experience and one I would recommend to one and all.

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I am so excited for you sweetie! You so deserve great care!! Hugs b'nana

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