Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rainbow Connections

God gives us Rainbow Connections, to heed or ignore....Little visions and voices that lead us in one direction or another on any given day. Some listen intently to these voices and others just ignore them and do as they please. What a waste of God's time if one chooses to ignore ans how frustrated he must be getting at our actions. Did someone need a hug today and you passed them by? Did you have extra of anything and not pass it on to someone needing it? Could a nice word have been spoken instead of the rough words that erupted? Did you hold someone down for your own happiness, without remembering that a caged bird does not sing? Why can we not see that our Rainbow Connection is here, now. Our chance to find that pot of gold and make it ever shine for ALL to see. Try it today .....don't make it about money but instead about love. Love your neighbor as you would love yourself.....maybe there is were the problem lies. We cannot love ourselves, so therefore cannot love our neighbor. Somehow we must all make that journey to our "Rainbow Connection", sit quietly and listen to the voices of change......then act on those voices:

"who said that every wish would be heard or answered
When wished on a morning star?
Someone thought of that
and someone believed it
and look what it has done so far."

Yes, I am definitely a dreamer and a lover, I'm told, as well. But look around you at the wonderful space we have been given to inhabit? Regardless of what you believe you must realize and be thankful and pay forward or back for the rent you are owing. There are so many ways to shine, today. Take just a moment with that cup of coffee and come up with just one pleasure for Your Higher Pokie

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