Friday, December 2, 2011

Extra Steps

I'm rather ashamed of myself tonight.  I had just one of those days and despite the weather being nice I slept....knowing full well that will keep me up all night tonight and grandma, who lives down stairs, will be hearing me as I try to tiptoe around above her. Tomorrow morning, early, she will be up for breakfast and coffee and I will be the bear on the couch.   No exercise is terrible for me.  I have to walk everyday.  Not just a moderate stroll, but a all out walk and sweat.  If I do not, I loose no weight or my weight goes up whether I eat or not.  Do not believe I enjoy exercise because for the most part I do not,  but I know I cannot stop or I will be bead fast and rapidly. walking in a gym(basketball court)did nothing for me so I switched to the park with much more success. I have never been athletic but every so often I feel the urge to run....I have not, but I bet I do and remember running is easier that flying which I would also like to do . On days when I am particularly stressed or down, I dream of flying when I fall asleep.  The wind is always blowing through my hair and I AM HAPPY. Well mainly I am rambling and my left hand is giving me a lot off double letters.  Take some extra steps for me tonight and I will take some for you and together we will battle and win against PD.   love ya pokie

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