Saturday, July 21, 2012

In His Hands

So many years ago I lost a grandson at 10 months of age. He had never been sick and was the absolute apple of everyones eye. He went to sleep one morning and neveer woke up again....CIDS had claimedd another victim. No warning just pain left behind to fill an unfillable void. I remember every minute and what I waas doing that day and the thoughts I was 12:30 I was showing pictures of him to a friend and telling her all about him and he was proably dying....I in one place and he in another some two hundred miles away. The pain never goes away even though more grandkids have been born and those that were young then have grown up. I thought at that time, I could never get over that pain and struggled to fiqure out what God could possibly be trying to tell me. Then something like today happens and I know.....No person or living thing is a mistake in God's eyes. We are all put here with a purpose and timeline.....and we are alwayss in his hands. It is an awesome place to be and as a grandmother of six and Kane, I always want the best for them and my Lord is it.....In living through that time and the many illnesses I have survived since, the pain does not compare but it has helped me console many and the following years as they suffered and questioned their faith.....I pray tonight for all concerned in this...all across the nation. I pray for your healing and pray that you let people come to you through God to ease your pain........God has always and will always love Pokie

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