Saturday, November 17, 2012

17,000 views.....thank you

Little did I realize that at this posting I have posted to this blog 299 articles in five years. My how time flies when life is pulling you onward. Since that faithful first post all those years ago, I have had both knees replaced, my right hip replaced, and last March I celebrated my 65th birthday by having my left shoulder replaced through reverse rotor cup surgery. Now eight months later I feel at loss. I feel the need to write but also feel the need for it to be pure and not used to further anyone or any disease group. I write for suffers of Parkinson. I write for persons who suffer from seizures, be they medically or genetically induced. I write for those who never have a painless day and we are talking severe pain. In this discussion I am not referring to individuals, like me, who are just trying to get the news out. I will never again,promote and work day and night for a group who takes the money I bring in for them and use it for padding their payroll. This is why you will always see me support the April Unity Walk in Central Park, NY. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF DONATIONS GOES TO RESEARCH. I have worked with them since 2009 and hope to go again this coming April. Yes for those who have ask I will try to do videos for your use. No I do not have guest writers on my blog. I will consider your article and send readers in your direction......This blog and "Coffee With Pokie" are my babies and the labor for birth has been hard and long. I could never have reached my physical or mental state were it not for, The Parkinson's Unity Walk, and my many friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and just plain internet. Much to my amazement some 17,000 people have viewed my sites and I would like to thank you one and all and hope you continue to view my writing as informational and understanding. I pray for God's help to serve you well. Love Pokie

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