Friday, May 30, 2008

Poets and Authors and all those good things......
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The memories of New York City still dance merrily in my brain and I yearn to go back but I know the excitement would not be there without everyone. I believed then and still believe now that God presented New York City and Parkinson's to me as a challenge....He would work through me to get the word out. To show the importance of faith and the part it plays in healing.

When the ordinary person thinks about Parkinson's Disease, I doubt they ever think about the talent that is sometimes quieted by it's progression. Among us we have actor's that no longer grace the stage and fighters who will never fight again but we also have surgeons who can not operate and chemist that are not inventing. There are poets and essayists and authors all frozen in a warp that keeps their thoughts from ever getting to the public...we are not just the person in the nursing home, sitting quietly in a corner with a blank stare..

10,000 people connected to Parkinson's came together in Central Park to put the top on a year of fund raising and what a top we did put on it...almost 2 million dollars was raised for research. So to keep the ball rolling and to help the public not to forget us August 2 I'm going to the other side of the United States in San Francisco, California to cheer on my friends from the site as they attempt to surpass their goal for Parkinson's Research in a 5K Run....Karen and Ukelady have been training for almost a year for this event and could use all the support you could give them. Weither they walk or run or roll they are out there trying and that is what counts. You can donate on line at This will be a huge event, lasting three days August 1-3, 2008...check them out on line and send them a donation...This is taking so much for them to participate in this. Sometimes just to walk for Karen is a huge accomplishment.....Butterflynana and Ukelady write beautiful poetry and there's a book wondering around there too..Often on the site we have poetry fests all night . Posting as fast as we can free style or borrow.....Yep, this is how we fight PD at PLM and by morning the pain is gone and we have survived another day....

The research we provide is not always black and white. I might be taking a new medicine and am worried about it...I can ask if someone else is taking it, see how they liked it, did they have side effects that I need to look for. This is how communication through friendships is working. Meanwhile the answers are researched and compiled and a reference is made and though our bodies may be in painful, sorry shape sometimes our brains come shining through to the rescue

If your reading this tonight, give me a second and remember how fast this disease is moving. You are a loved one could be next. Being young won't save you, neither will being smart, or being rich. Color of skin doesn't matter and neither does weight or stature so give like there is no tomorrow and help us out Thanks POKIE

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