Saturday, May 31, 2008

A nice quiet night at the farm.....
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My days and nights lately have blended one into the other. As often happens with PD the smallest of things can trigger such huge results. Depression is a constant visitor to my house, though I seldom let him in to stay. And what you must realize is that when a"Parkie" gets sad or down it effects everything we do. Our health just generally goes in the bucket until we get turned around. Pain is an everyday participant in my life but when I'm down it's unbearable. It's not a knee ache or headache it's a general all over hurt to the bone that just beckons you to curl up in a ball and hide. As someone once said the only way to conquer the pain was to work but when you can't even lift your arm to wash a dish work doesn't come easy.....

Some of us give our disease a name and they are quite varied. Jack calls his the Beast and Eliza calls her Joe Parker. When I shake real bad I call out, "Hey you, stop!" and sometimes he does. one of the nicer things is, I have never heard PD referred to in the female gender. In my mind
this would be very simple to do because sometimes Parkinson's Disease takes on all of th characteristics of a cranky old woman in the wrong time of the month, who is just not happy with anything or anyone around her with a bull headed nature that will outlive anything,

The midwest suffered a series of very bad storms last night and though they do not bother me, they scare my 83 year old mother to death . She has advanced Alzheimers Disease and everything she sees on tv is surely going to happen to her.......from tornadoes, to killings and then some....Now there is always that possibility but I have never been one to worry about these things in any length and for sure not loose sleep over it. So thus the stage was set for me to have one of those nights.....

My mother and her dog moved into my bed along with my two cats and I shut the door. I went to the study with the recliner, really hoping to get caught up on my mail and typing in the QUIET??? My mom got up at least three times the first hour for miscellaneous storm sitings and each one was followed by a verbal warning to me as to the severity of the situation. As if that were not enough. Then I started to get the dance of the two dogs who though large are a couple of "Wusses," I had the study door shut but I could hear this huge commotion going on just outside. I got up once again and open the door and what awaited me?..... My chocolate lab and a very old male beagle and all of my mothers cats four or five were in the hall begging to get into the room with me. Ok , it seems the chocolate lab was the ring leader and decided outside was no place for any one or thing with thunder like that and so he just kept bumping the basement door until it opened . At which time he must have invited the neighborhood in. I can just hear him telling them,"Come on in guys. she'll never hear us . Here's the food pan . Have a snack and check the place out" Well it was like Noah 's Ark outside my study door. In any normal situation one would just pick the animals up and set them back outside but I live on anything but a normal farm with nothing but totally crazy animals. In the mix of intruders were three rather large tom cats and two very small female cats. After cleaning out the food pan , the tom cats noticed a great chance to party and started running from each for the next hour I grabbed cats from very precarious places and "Exited them stage left." By now I was feeling very sorry for myself which always causes me to talk to myself and the first thing out of my mouth was, "I can not understand why this farm cannot get it through it's head that I HAVE PARKINSON'S and I cannot do this!" and what DO I GET BACK FROM THEM?.....this blank expressionless look on their faces that only a "Parkie" can know.

So if from time to time my writings seem to ramble and be distracted .....they are. POKIE

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