Friday, June 6, 2008

PD and RA get married......
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As luck would have it, nothing in my life is just cut and dried simple. For years I have went through seizures, varying forms of mobility or not, operations and multitudes of doctors and medications....none of which was to prepare me for the last three or four days living a nightmare in the medicine world. PD(Parkinson's Disease) and I have become very close friends(?) in the past three years and though he is a very hard house guest to get along with , we have co- habitated in my body as need be until along came this trouble maker RA(rhuematoid Arithritis). After many xrays and blood tests, Wednesday I was officially dx with not one but both.. which means at 61 for the thousandth time every thing in my life goes out the window and I start over from scratch. Two weeks ago I was taking 30 pills a day and going steadily down hill...A large amount of these were vitamins, Parkinson's meds, blood pressure and pain meds. Today I start a new plan none of which will cure me because there is no cure for either of these diseases. I can only hope the combination of doctors and meds I have chosen will give me a few more years of mobility......

There plan now for me is a new cancer med....I will basically start medicinal cemo by taking these three little pills once a week at eight hour intervals. They take two months to take affect if I can tolerate them. With them I will add to more pills for whatever...Then as far as the Parkinson's Disease goes I will stay on basic 10 for that, 1 blood pressure and selected vitamins. The gain from this in three months, should be much less pain and more mobility.....The loss will be I loose my immune system....I am to avoid all disease when confronted and if I should even get a cold I am to go no longer than 48 hours before getting on antibiotics. The diet will consist of mo dairy, very low carb, no red meat .......Mainly veggies and fish and lots of pure water..

This at first sight seems to be an unsurmountable task to accomplish BUT I full well understand my Lord's thinking in this and I will not fight his wishes....I am in the position to make a difference in patients with this disease and possibly the search for the cure of either and I will try with everything I have and every brain cell I have left to address this mission on a daily bases for as Long as I can....I seem to be able to find humor, though it may be black humor, in any situation and I plan to use this ability to it's most degree....So far the most part I was a quiet visitor at PD and RS's wedding but in the back of my head.....just kept saying Please don't let these two hae kids.....POKIE

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease