Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a letter to the registry....

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My story begins many years ago in the Midwestern part of the United States when quite abruptly on a Sunday Morning in 1996 I began the journey that to this day has found no end and has since become my life's work. I got up that morning quite innocently thinking of going to church with my two teenage children. My thought was to run to the grocery store and get some donuts instead of fixing breakfast. Little did I know that without warning confusion would set in and though I did not realize, I was lost. Two blocks from home....I was lost. I tried the donuts that were marked 2 for 49 cents and could not figure out how much money to give the clerk...With a twenty dollar bill in my hand I pretended all was well and took the change and headed for the door. I headed for home still not realizing what was going on and drove past my house three times before I remembered where I lived and pulled in the driveway only to get out leaving the donuts in the car and swearing someone must have stolen them. After much confusion, I laid on  the couch not realizing the looks on my children's faces as they watched their mother go into melt down.

That was the beginning of one of two grand-mal seizures that launched me into the world of Parkinson's Disease. Now twelve years later and with many symptoms passed I sit quite peacefully listening to American Indian music and writing to you of a life that has come full circle

I now blog daily about the encounters with life and my friends on Patientslikeme.com. It seems that daily God sends me in another direction for the cure. While at the walk I talked to May-May Ali at the Parkinson's. org booth and when we were parting I ask her to give her dad a hug for me and ask her to visit the site to see what we where doing and she ask who should she look for. My answer was, "POKIE"

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