Monday, June 9, 2008

A Minute to spend......
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So you have only a minute to spend?
well, here's what a minute will buy
A word to let someone know you care,
A smile to a passerby,
A bit of communion with God and His world,
A "Thank you that's maybe long due,
A deep look inward to change your sights
And broaden your point of view.
If you have all of a minute to spend,
How very lucky you are!
For a minute will buy a whole heart's prayer,
And pay your way clean to a star!
H.L. Marshall

This morning I thank you Lord for letting me get up and and open this book to this poem...Today I will research this woman who wrote the poem that will launch my day....and if she is still with us I will write her and tell her how much she means to me...As always I let a book fall open and with that reading I start my day....Sometimes it's from the Bible and and other times it's from "A World That Sings" by Helen Lowrie Marshall. Sometimes it comes from very simple poems my grandfather left to the family Somehow with the beginning of each day, My Lord takes time from his busy schedule to lead me in the right direction for that day.....In my present state of mind, with brain cells mis-firing right and left, how I appreciate this extra effort he is giving to me here on earth.

So often now, and more so than ever the very simple things get pushed aside and it seems the first to go are hugs and smiles....Now if you receive either of these from a "Parkie" please feel special. Our arms ache and Our faces are sometimes frozen in a frown or blank stare but our heart 's are still glowing inside and the love is still there for all...The trend seems to be not to touch and for heavens sake don't let anyone into "Your Space." We are becoming very lonely people at our own making. I have found a very special exercise I do daily to keep me going .....I watch a child a work.....Very much from a far so they don't realize they are being watched....and truly see that brain work the way God wanted it to and never take that for granted again....The examples I have are my own grandchildren....but if you have, none go to a park or mall.....There is a whole world down there close to the ground that really has better perspective than we do.....

So......Today I will "Smell the Roses" and mentally send them to my friends....I will talk to myself as if they were walking beside me and life had no problems.....and I will glory in the fact that my Lord loves me with all he has. He brought me all the sensations of that rose to comfort me and I am blessed Thank-you POKIE

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Anonymous said...

Miss Pokie
I would be lost without your wisdom sweet lady!!! You keep on blogging!!! hugs bnana

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