Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever.....

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What happens when one grows older? Why must all things become so hard? It seems after years of paying dues our fee would be more than paid and we would be entitled to a day of free rides. Where are those days and did I miss a turn in the rode while I was rushing along? All of a sudden the simpliest of things seem to be arming for battle with me. Vehicles that I should be able to finish my driving career with, sputter and misfire and threaten to quit. Appliances rattle and bang in defiance of the "we will run quietly" rule. Passersby get to close into my space and life just in general is really letting me down.

I've always been a farmer in my heart and looked forward to the change of seasons to spur me on to new achievements . No task was to huge and dreams danced day and night in my brain and begged for their fare share of time to be aired. Now tasks seem to come "super sized" and in ever greatening quantity. The lightest of things seem to weight tons and turtles move faster than me. I'm never caught up and always behind and seem to be in a rut.

I know if I looked really close I might be able to fine a small piece of a dream that was planted many years ago, but I wonder if I have the strength to nurish it and watch it grow. My hopes for peace on earth slip farther and farther away and most everything I believed in the sixties, just is not coming true,but....

When I saw the memorial to John Lennon in Central Park ,the old hippy in me was there once more and the fire was lit. I could "IMAGINE." I hope in what I will call the later stage of my life that this is never taken away from me and I can shut my eyes and see that medallion in the middle of a far away place and be able to imagine this world living without all of these neurological nightmares we have now. If I must become child like again before I die......I can only hope to be able to once again be a hippy in "Strawberry Fields Forever".......................POKIE

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease