Thursday, June 12, 2008


This picture means so much to me. I have had it on my computer for such a long time. I found it one day after posting on PLM I thought I needed to be adopted since I had no caregiver and my mother who is 83 has Alzheimers Within hours there was this post from Alberta, Canada, "Pokie I'll adopt you'" and that began my relationship with Kirby....No matter what I post she always comes back with sound advice and caring.....Both of which I need on a daily bases. How special life is to have these hidden treasures around every bend in the road No matter what happens she is there for me or anyone else. So often you will hear someone say, I wish I had been this smart when I was younger. Boy. I would have had the world on a string." The world needs those people that are smart early in life but it also needs people like me that reach old age and can look back and remember all the lack of wisdom I had and how much fun I had being ignorant....

Many times if it had not been for my friends I would not be here today. Once my friend Linda stopped by after church, for no reason but to check up on me. I'm sure she did not realize that God had sent her to me because that was the day I had my first seizures and I was home alone with my kids....She was my friend the angel on earth that took me to the hospital and eventually saved my life. That was in 1996 and now twelve years later we just got off the phone from just checking in on each other.

Often the world closes in and it's pace consumes us, and we cannot breath....we just want to sit and be very quiet and maybe it will go away. We all have those moments and when we do some hibernate a day , some a week , and some a life time...But in using that wisdom of my older years, I try to look back and remember all the good and let the bad life's too short to start being dumb POKIE
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