Monday, June 30, 2008

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As we get older milestones take on a whole new meaning in our lives. Usually by sixty the milestones no longer exist. As for me you know I never do anything the easy way. Above is me crossing the finish line at this years Parkinson;s Unity Walk in Central Park, New York. I'm 61 , stage four Parkinsons and walked two miles for the cause. That walk was a huge milestone in my life. It seems now to make everything that has went before tiny in comparison. Nothing that I encounter now has any corrilation to my previous 60 years. Every minute seems to be full of new ideas and plans, new people to see and hug and always plans for the future. No day is taken for granted and neither is any person. I barely have time to sleep. Like I said this is the biggest milestone in my life but there are others happening around me also...... is soon to roll over 2000 on the PD side. This is unbelievable since the site has more than doubled since March of this year. People from all over the world coming together to discuss their fears and problems with living with Parkinson disease. As their time on the site increases their bravery soars and they start sharing all their feelings good or bad. Some tare there for friendship and some are there for information. Some come for a good story line or just "nosing" and some are there to bring attention to themselves are a site or product. It ends up a very unique blend on the net......but it works mainly because we gravitate toward the importance of religion in our daily life with Parkinson Disease. I have watched the site I love so much grow and with it the possibilities for a cure and better life for those patients logged in and participating.i
Now comes milestone number three. I had no idea that someone would pay me to go to a conference for three days for Parkinson disease. Well hold on to your hats because I am on my way to Atlanta, Georgia August 7-9, 2008 for the Annual Young Onset Parkinson Conference with a scholarship for expenses and travel. Life just gets better and better. just so you will know, I do not multitask too well anymore so a lot of my thoughts will be centered on this trip and what I learn while I'm there. More soon.....Pokie

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Jbphotonut said...

You go girl! I'm so proud of you. I know that you will represent all of us very well in Hot Lanta! Don't stay out too late. I'll be trying to catch up with you via phone, probably next week to see when we can maybe get together. I have a lot of things to share with you from my conference and life.

PS - My son's surgery was a complete success and he is doing very well.

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