Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day
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I guess I must be getting old and sentimental, I really hope so. There could be worse I think. I could be old and cranky or young and ANYTHING! Today instead of turning to chocolate, I'll turn to my very favorite poem to tell everyone how I feel:


How can one measure friendship...
The firm, warm clasp of a hand,
The comfort found in the welcome sound
Of the words, "I understand"?

How can one measure courage...
The strength we find to fight,
To suffer life's anxieties,
To stand up for the right?

How can one measure beauty, hope,
Or happiness, or love?
What man made measure can encompass
Faith in God above?

So much of life...the best of life....
The things we truly treasure,
Are these, the gifts of boundless depth
Beyond all earthly measure.


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