Friday, February 6, 2009

Physical Therapy
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I started something last week I have never had since being diagnosed with Parkinson's and I am wondering how come one of my doctors did not recommend me for this in the past three years. At present I seem to have pulled a groin muscle getting in and out of the car. The pull is very painful in it's own but I can realize how bad it is when the therapist begins ultra sound on that very sensitive muscle running from my inner knee to my hip. I can feel how tight the muscle is and as we talked today I realized I am just beginning. All my muscles are pulling and cramping. This is what Parkinson's patients do but I had somehow forgot that those muscles never stop contracting. I now sleep with a roll under my knees and a pad under my lower arms.....sleep with no pillow flat on my back holding on to the pads under my arms like arm rests. I am fast learning that the recliner is not letting my legs curl and hence the legs cramp when I get out of the chair.....Knowing all this, would not muscle relaxers be in order and would not therapy be the order of the day for all Parkinson's patients...just as the LSVT program is a must for us even if we are not having problems yet....we will. I looked at walkers today and will try to get one this weekend. I am realizing how important the whole story is. Stretch, stretch, stretch....heat lotion always and constant monitoring of your symptoms. I have never know a disease that takes so much mental capacity to get through. And how odd is that when mental capacity is just what we loose. Also if you can get it, take occupational therapy before you are desperate. Don't wait on these things to the last minute.....Always have you resources full and in order for the next day. One big item balls. Balls of all sizes....Large to try and sit on, smaller to hold between your knees and squeeze for strength and a small one to keep your hand strength up Well I guess I have sparked a little fire here. and hope and pray that you follow through. This is not a sit down disease and it's hard to keep going when everything within you screams, "STOP" Don't you dare. You keep on going ...fight it every pokie

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Today With PokieToo and Parkinson's and Acute RA Disease