Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Central Park April 26,2009 15th Annual Parkinson's Unity Walk
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Yes, we got back on Monday, almost 24 hours later than we had expected. My daughter and I couldn't get a flight together even though we were leaving New York City about the same time and as the day moved on I was in St. Louis by five and she was in Baltimore and then she was in Cleveland and at eight the next morning she was in Chicago.......trying desperately to get to St. Louis and me. The Airport Marriott in St. Louis allowed me the comfort of their space for the night and at 10:30 the next morning in the door she came. In two hours we were home and without even unpacking, I started on the conference scheduled for Saturday morning here in town. I had no idea just how tired I would be Sunday morning....and everything was over that had been going on for a year. I just sat in the living room chair Sunday and stared blankly at the TV, nodding out for a while and back to staring at the TV.
Ah, but now it is Tuesday and I have recovered. I have my meds straightened out and ready to go back to being a good Parkinson's Patient who drinks plenty of water and takes his meds on time and sleeps when he needs rest. I'm in to mailing photos of the Unity Quilt to all who made squares and had anything to do with it. She has been "oohed and aah ed" from every angle. Her story has many sides and my wish that everyone who made a square gets his story told. It should be an interesting year for pokie

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Marian said...

You've done great work, Pokie! You inspire me, as usual. Get some rest now, before the next event!


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