Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thunder and Rain....
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Last week , when the first storm hit south of us, I laid in bed and thought about the thunder. When traveling back from Washington, D.C., we flew thought a distant thunder storm and it was the first time I had seen lightning bounce from cloud to cloud. In the dark it was an amazing sight as are all of God's viewings. Of course I could hear no thunder and soon we were on the ground and life went on. But the other morning I remember thinking, "This is thunder that scares dogs and kids and grandmothers." It was not your usual rumble but a loud band that just kept on rumbling like marching soldiers traveling down a dirt road...line after line, until you could see them no more. Early this morning my chocolate lab just opened the door and came in so I knew this storm would be a bad one. Even now as I type, he is lying right next to my foot. Poor soul, as a baby he was forced to live in a hog crate, outside in storms until rescued and I got him, and to this day, if it storms he has to be in and goes to the bathroom and sleeps. Somehow in his mind he has found his own pen and he feels safe there. Not so different from Parkinson's patients tending to make their safe place around them as time gets worse. Often times we make excuses to keep from going out. If we don't go out we only have to deal with ourselves and no one can hurt us....just beware of this fallacy. It will pull you down , especially now. Look at the 64 year old man last night who entered a weight show and won after suffering a heart attack right off the bat, and the lady from Scotland who sang with angels and no one ever listened. How about the goat farmer and her travels of the past year? Venture out today, after the storm. Don't be afraid of the thunder...sunshine will follow. love pokie

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