Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Conference Was a Success
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Where I able to give a gift to every Parkinson patient, I would give a visit from these four people, David Zid, Jackie Russell, Debbie Guyer, and Dr.Max Benzaquen. these four people made our conference and then some. David and Jackie Pulled the group together in a circle and started very simple exercises aimed at the novice. As simple a movement as putting you hands together in a praying position in front of you and pushing can help someone with Parkinson's......or propping your feet up on a hassock for fifteen minutes. Tiny little things can make all the difference in our day. Have you ever considered which leg you step into the bath tub with? Try standing on your Parkinson leg(the side the symptoms present). It usually is pretty good at freezing and you can lift the other leg farther and higher. Hold on to your security bars and try it. It works for me. Baths or now impossible for me and oh, how I miss this....With two replaced knees and shrinking vertebra it is just out of the question...Next, I guess is a sit down tub.
One of the attendees has had Parkinson's for thirty years and spends most his time in a wheelchair. He has always been my idol for his sheer style in which he handles the disease. In my book, he and his wife are a class act in all ways. With David in front and Jackie behind, they had Bob out of the wheelchair and standing and smiling. David and Jackie just radiate love and kindness on all sides....I am so blessed to count them as my friends.
Then come the St. Louis crowd. Dr Max could have been very standoffish to the audience, but instead went person to person talking to them about Parkinson's and their treatments and doctors.....At one point he touched Bob's chest and said"Ah, very good!" ". You had a very good Doctor" He has three hundred patients in Chesterfield, Missouri.
Debbie was an integral part to the whole program. The information she provided before hand was worth everything to me. and her program on LSVT was so warm and aided by an actually participant in the audience. The whole day was friendly and comfortable for all and the actual community united with the Parkinson's Community for advancement of both. Thank-you all. The word is out that there will be a second annual except not wait a year and go for the fall....Love Pokie

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