Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Penny Showed Up....
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People who really know me, know what a huge part pennies have played in my life since January of 1996. That was where most of my medical story begins with two grandmal seizures. They tell me I died twice that day and by the grace of God am still living. The night before I had a dream about a shinny new penny....a very long and detailed dream that I remember in great detail to this day. Seven days later, when I was showering to leave the hospital a shinny new penny appeared in the shower stall between my feet and at every major event or crossroad in my life I have found a penny. They are not always new and sometimes are very tattered. I always pick them up and thank God for remembering me. Yesterday I was seeing a Movement Disorder Specialist for the first time and went to pull out my medical cards and out falls a penny from my cards. After the events of the last three months, I considered this Gods way of letting me know I was on the right track once again and to carry on. I never pass a penny by even though sometimes it is all I can do to bend down and pick it up.....the lowliest of chance making such a difference in someones life.

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